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 Take a Trip Down the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad

  "All Aboard. Tickets, please. The train will be leaving any minute now."

  Here's your chance to ride the OC & T Railroad.

Your online journey begins at our showplace northern station, 409 S. Perry Street, in Titusville.  You'll travel down the winding rails, alongside scenic Oil Creek.  We stop at the following stations to pick up passengers waiting to board and are back on our way:Drake Well Park (home of the Drake Well Museum) and Petroleum Centre Station, in beautiful Oil Creek State Park.  The online trip ends at Rynd Farm Station, north of Oil City, where our line connects to the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad, and all of America's other railroads. 

"Your ticket, please."   wpe3.jpg (1923 bytes)

Today's Stops Include:

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The Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad is a nonprofit Organization
The Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad is a Nonprofit Organization


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